Monday, February 28, 2011

Friday night of dreams

I'm excited, a friday night where i sat in the same spot for like 5 hours.
Degrassi: Damnnnnn nigga i get inot it...but who cares

I was boreeddd so i wrote this little rap :)

I be on the way to bringing this shit back, I can't date bitches i just keep em intact. I don't listen to you and i don't listen to rap. You don't what i want bitch with a snap. I'm chill they call me a lax bro, I'm not gangster don't say faaaaa sho. I'm spitting the facts abouts rhymes and music, You gotta keep the laughs, be sure not to lose it. Instrumental beats is the way is the reason i spit, If i start out bad, nigga i don't quit. I finish up, like Taylor with ryan. 
not kid cudi, no heart of a lion. I got dramaaa in this bitch, but i try not to quit. Bad days keep cumin, so bitches don't spit. They're there just keep my head up, God damn sluts just suckin from the balls up. I'm not Wiz Khalifa, or no Mac Miller, sitting back with an ice cold miller. Lite is blinding if there is to much, I see this hot bitch she makes me feel a...rush. Just kidding that is all just a dream, nigga buck up and just watch me scream.